Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Go or Not To Go?

So that is the question we ask people when they order from siptea. Is that for here or to go? Most people answer with what they are going to do. But we do have the occasional person who says "to go" then sits down & eats the whole thing in house & throws the box & utensils in the compost (thanks at least for doing the compost part). This is because they think they are leaving or might not finish everything and want to take what is left with them. Okay, that's nice, but the amount of energy & resources that go into the to go container, is so much more than our dishwasher uses. Also if they don't eat everything, we have smaller to go containers that are less trash & also happen to cost us less. The urge I have every time is to tell the individuals that are doing this, that they are wasting compostable containers and we would much prefer to give them a plate/glass/cup and wash it & maybe even give them in the end a to go container for the remainder of their meal/drink, then give them one in the beginning. We don't have many people ask for doggie bags, so if you think you want to stay, but might have to leave early, still say "for here" that is the better choice.

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