Sunday, March 22, 2009

twitter & other things

siptea is on twitter, if you want updates daily on what we have as special, our soups, etc. you can follow us,
We have some followers already, so join in & get up to the minute updates.
Also wanted to let everyone know we have 11 award winning organic teas for you to try. Every year the World Tea Council judges the teas at the World Tea Expo & hands out prizes for the top 5 in each category. Some of the winners are not organic, but we still have almost a 3rd of our teas that have won awards. We do have two new teas to try, a Tropical Pineapple Green tea & a Blueberry Pomegranate White tea. Both are good hot & iced.
Next Friday & Sunday we will be open a bit later because of shows at the Orpheum, will twitter the exact times on the day.
Also welcome our newest member of team siptea, Jasmine. How appropriate right?!, she's still learning the ropes so be gentle. And maybe have a Jasmine Pearl green tea in her honor!

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