Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knit in Public Today at siptea

Come by this weekend to knit in public at siptea. We have a nice table set up in the back and even have some treats for you. Get a tea sample and also a matcha green tea shortbread cookie. Plus you get to show off your mad knitting skills! I am wearing the most impressive thing I have ever knitted, a poncho. I have a sweater in the works, but it is still not finished, I think the problem with trying to start a business and still working my old job, makes it hard to fit in knitting a sweater. I did find time to make some organic lapsang souchong infused Marker's Mark for a friends birthday and the matcha shortbread for siptea. The rest of the shortbread are also going to the birthday party, any left will be available for sampling on Sunday at siptea.

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