Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging to get things off my chest

Okay so we have some good reviews on yelp, but I wish there was a site to review customers. We thankfully have customers that are supportive, get what we are doing here and like the place. We do also have people that think of themselves as minor critics that spend their time here online reviewing the place while being some of the worst customers a business could ask for, I wish we could post stars & warnings to other businesses on them. But in their defense I haven't done the best job of telling people what we are here at siptea. So here goes.
I am passionate about tea, not just the plant but the science and precision that goes into steeping tea properly. If you ever want to get bored or wish you never asked me about it, ask me about tea. The thing about tea is that it isn't just the #2 beverage in the world, after water, but it is the social aspect and the slowing down of your day to actually sip and enjoy for one brief moment something perfect, to be in the moment and enjoy, to have an oasis in your life and a break in your day.
siptea is also trying to be a new business in the changing world, embracing natural capitalism and trying to be a business that gives back to the community, the country and the earth. It's a big challenge, but we are making small steps in our quiet revolution.
here's to revolutions...

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