Monday, October 27, 2008

New Hours for siptea

siptea has been open for a month, officially only a week, and in that time I have noticed that people want businesses to be open all hours, but they just don't come. I have listened to people who want us to be open on Sunday, so we are. As far as being open late on Friday & Saturday, just can't do it anymore. We literally have no one between 8pm & 10pm, with the exception of friends visiting the staff. I wish we had the customers to stay open late. I envisioned this to be a community hangout where people would exchange information and also as an alternative to the local bar scene. Guess it might evolve into that, but with the economy in the toilet, it has had an impact on my vision. I hope that the Sunday hours will become popular and that we will get more locals visiting us on the weekends.
So here are the new hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday thru Friday 10am (an hour earlier than before) til 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am til 6pm
As an incentive to come in from 6pm - 8pm weeknights we will offer flights of tea, you get to sample the 5 types of tea for the price of a large pot & get information on tea to boot!
Tasting flights are also available on Saturday & Sunday from 3pm - 6pm
Hope to see you steeping by...

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