Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rantings of a tea addled brain

I sit here after basically drinking tea all day long, a lovely Bai Mu Dan & now I need to vent. Customers are wonderful & also weird. Someone came in the other day & asked me, the owner of a tea house that sells bulk tea, if there was any place downtown I would recommend to buy tea. Huh?! I replied fairly politely, "besides here, no." WTF! You can buy tea wherever you want, but our teas are all organic. Think about the fact that tea is picked, then withered & processed, there is no cleaning or rinsing. So if you have chemicals on your tea plant, you are now pouring hot water on those chemicals & drinking them down. Tea should be organic. I think all food should be organic, but I am a crazy eco/green/liberal/tea drinking/prius driving/solar panels on house/greywater/native plant/permaculture/chicken raising/Los Angelino. So there!
Here are some pictures of my chickens, my neighbors are upset with them right now. Well I guess I should say they are upset with me, I was letting them free range in the whole backyard. Now they are coop bound, it's a big coop & they are fine. I need to be a better neighbor, have been at the shop too much, yard is a mess & my garden is in need of some major weeding/tending. Filled up my green bin in a couple hours yesterday on my day off. Well sort of day off, had bills & food to pick up so more like 1/2 day off. I think that siptea may have to become more of a tea/dessert place less of a lunch place. Too much work & not enough pay off. We have changed the hours, opening later in the mornings, 10am and closing earlier 7pm, except on Friday.
Tell me what you think siptea should be. Would like to expand the retail with more eco-friendly products, and cut down on the food.
What do you think?


Paul C said...

I think you've arrived a bit too soon for the change happening downtown. I work on Bunker Hill, but can't make it to you for lunch. We've come several times after hours and on the weekends. Probably will take more people living locally -- I'm sure then you'll see business pick up for lunch and the like. Until then, later and weekend hours suit us just fine!

East on First said...

Just read the tweet that you'll be closing your location on Sunday :( Sorry to hear, especially after enjoying your tea house and afternoon tea this past Sunday for Mother's Day. Thank you for your sincere hospitality. What a delightful respite for mom, sis, & me!

siptea said...

Thanks for the nice comments "East On First" you helped make it a nice Mother's Day for us too.