Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ideal Bite & Water Bottles

So we got a mention in the in Los Angeles. Really great to be getting such nice press. Hope the new year brings even more coverage, so more people can see what we are up too!
I have had numerous people ask if we had bottled water. We hope to start selling stainless steel bottles to reuse, but we will never carry bottled water. It is such a waste of packaging & most end up in landfills. If you must have water to take with you, we will offer you water in a compostable cup. Hope to make people aware without being too preachy or weird.
Today someone asked for tea, I asked if it was for here or to go? They said here, but lets get it to go, so if we leave. I said we would prefer to give it to them in a cup we wash rather than a paper cup, if they had any left we would give them a paper cup. They ended up not getting the paper cups, so less waste! Yeah! Small milestones, trying to educate lightly & politely. It's not aways easy when people are used to the wasteful behavior & the fast, to go mentality. That is one of the things siptea is about, slowing down, enjoying & being mindful of what your decisions do to the world around you. Or maybe just don't waste a paper cup...

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