Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tea Nazi like the Soup Nazi

So I think it's actually cool that someone thinks I'm that particular about tea. I do have to say I won't sell anything I don't think will make a good cup of tea, so you will never see a teaball or teabags for sale at siptea. (We do have some tea bags, that you fill yourself, in the back, given to us by a tea importer. We give those away if people ask nicely!) That said I do have to say there is an art to making tea and if you like what I consider a bad cup of tea, have at it. That is your choice and the way you like it. Some people like the astringent quality that green tea gets when it is over-steeped, I think that is bad green tea, but if you like it that way, then follow your art. Someone suggested that to speed things up we use teabags that people could take with them, but again, they might leave the tea in the water too long & think we serve bad tea. At siptea the max you have to wait is 5 minutes for the tea to steep properly. For those people who freak out waiting that long we always have 3 hot & 3 cold express teas that are ready right away. We try to change them up, so people can try new stuff.
Big news is that we have hot soup, we can't cook in our space, not ventilated, but we can do slow cooker soup & have soup warmers, so check out our butternut squash soup. It's vegan & all organic, except for the salt & pepper. Two people today said it was the best butternut squash soup that they had ever had, not bad for a teahouse. Hey maybe I could be a soup nazi too!
Check out Ed Fuentes article & keep steeping...

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